The Top Free MP3 Music Downloader Apps for Android

Top MP3 Music Downloader Free Apps for Android

Image by marc falardeau (CC by 2.0)

Looking for a free MP3 music downloader app for Android?  Based on user feedback and testing, these are the best.

Updated for January, 2017.

Want to download mp3 songs legally and simply to your Android smartphone?  There are plenty of great options, all of which are free downloads available on the Google Play Store.  Many of them tap into deep catalogs of royalty-free music, with no strings or payments attached.  And all of these directly download music to the phone, with no PC transfer required.

Here are just a few of our favorites.


1. Google Play Music (Free)

Developer: Google

Google Play Music

This is probably the best mp3 music downloader and overall music application for Android.  Google Play Music allows you to upload 50,000 songs from your personal collection, and store them for offline listening.  It works great, and also offers on-demand streaming music for a monthly subscription.

Beyond that, there’s a radio service, podcast suite, and a selection of millions of paid downloads.  You can go as deeply as you want, free or paid.

You can download Google Play Music here.


2. Advanced Download Manager

Developer: DimonVideo


Advanced Download Manager is both an MP3 and MP4 downloader and organizer.  It downloads MP3s at an accelerated pace, but can also throttle bandwidth on downloads if you are multi-tasking.  Additionally, this application optimizes download speeds for 2G, 3G, or 4G devices.  Or, WiFi-only downloading is another option.

If there’s a problem with the MP3 download, Advanced Download Manager will automatically attempt to resume.

Advanced Download Manager also handles a range of other downloads, including images and files.  It can also directly download to SD cards for Lollipop and Marshmallow.   Once downloaded, the organizing, caching, and playback of tracks is possible without consuming large amounts of data.

This is a pretty advanced application with high ratings.  Check out this mp3 music downloader free app here.


3. 4shared for Music

Developer: DevApi

4shared for Music

This app enables easy music downloading, and offers millions of free mp3s.  Currently, 4shared offers nearly 6 million licensed, royalty-free tracks to enjoy.  Updates happen regularly (the latest version is 1.3).

Once downloaded, 4shared opens a 15GB cloud-enabled storage folder for your mp3s, which makes it easy to manage your collection.  Beyond that, 4shared allows you to upload other mp3s you’re currently storing on your device, further freeing up room.

4shared music currently has more than 12 million users on its platform.  So it’s easy to share tastes and get recommendations, especially from newer artists and tracks.

You can grab the 4shared app from the Google Play Store here.


The list continues here! More music downloaders covered: Mp3 Music Download, Minimal MP3 Downloader, Spinrilla, My Mixtapez.



Top MP3 Music Downloader Free Apps for Android

Image by marc falardeau (CC by 2.0)

Looking for a free MP3 music downloader app for Android?  Based on user feedback and testing, these are the best.

Updated for January, 2017.


4. Mp3 Music Download

Developer: Music Downloads

MP3 Music Download is a music downloader free app that focuses on openly licensed music.  It taps into an extensive database of Creative Commons 3.0 and Public Domain works.  That opens access to a range of indie and unsigned artists, as well as a repository of sound effects.

Once you’ve downloaded songs you like, you can easily assemble them into playlists.  Or, remix, adapt, or transform the works under Creative Commons licenses.

MP3 Music Download taps into for its catalog.  Once acquired, MP3 Music Download links to the file license, artist page and track page.

You can download the app here


5. Minimal MP3 Downloader

Developer: mp3DevTeam


If you like stripped-down and simple, Minimal MP3 Downloader is a good option.  Basically, Minimal MP3 Downloader allows you to search royalty-free songs online, then download copies for offline access.  That not only enables offline listening, but minimizes data charges as well.

Minimal Mp3 Downloader has garnered fairly solid reviews, especially from people seeking obscure music.  This is geared towards niche music fans, though users sometimes find themselves tolerating bugs.  Minimal is safe to use, and it’s a music downloader free app.  But broader bugginess can produce headaches at times.

Updated: Minimal MP3 Downloader is no longer available on Google Play.  We’ll be updating this option shortly.


The list continues here! More music downloaders covered, including Spinrilla and My Mixtapez.


Top MP3 Music Downloader Free Apps for Android

Image by marc falardeau (CC by 2.0)

Looking for a free MP3 music downloader app for Android?  Based on user feedback and testing, these are the best.

Updated for January, 2017.


6. Spinrilla

Developer: Spinrilla


Mixtapes are the core focus for Spinrilla.  This app taps into a massive repository of mixtapes from sites like DatPiff, and collects them into one easy interface.  The app has over 5 million downloads, according to the Google Play Store.

In terms of feedback, Spinrilla has a rating of 4.3 stars (out of 5).  Overall, this app makes a lot of sense if you’re into hip-hop, and regularly listen to rap mixtapes.  Spinrilla has no affiliation with DatPiff, LiveMixtapes, or MyMixtapez, though it pulls heavily from those mixtape hubs.

Spinrilla calls itself the ‘800-lb gorilla of free hip-hop mixtapes’.  The app allows streaming, though anyone concerned about data charges can download selected mixtapes in Wifi environments.  Problem solved!

You can find Spinrilla here.


7. My Mixtapez Music

Developer: My Mixtapes LLC

mixtapezMixtapes are clearly the focus for My Mixtapez Music.  And just like Spinrilla, My Mixtapez has tons of downloads and favorable ratings.  But there are differences.  And if you’re a hip-hop head, you might want to weigh the different features.

Like Spinrilla, My Mixtapez taps a deep selection of mixtapes from major rappers, DJs, and sites.  My Mixtapez also supports data-free, offline access of both streams and streaming.  Additionally, My Mixtapez Music also features a lot of rap videos, and even has a radio feature.

The app also focuses on indie artists and up-and-coming rappers.  In terms of ratings, My Mixtapez Music has a strong 4.6 stars (out of 5).

You can download the Mixtapez music downloader free app here.


In conclusion, it’s probably worth trying out a few options out before making a final choice.  Throughout, we just ask that you respect copyrighted material and pay for stuff that isn’t royalty-free.  Lastly, if you have any music downloader free apps you think we should examine, please add them in the comments below!


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  1. Underground Sound

    One more, just released recently – MP3 Hunter. You can find it on Google Play.

    Royalty-free music (Creative Commons), search, browse by hashtags (genres) and free downloads. The UI is plain and simple, but the app does its job well enough.
    Folks who love discover new music should find the app useful.


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