Looking for Music Paradise Pro? Here’s How to Download It…

Music Paradise Pro, a Free MP3 Music Download App and Music Downloader.

Music Paradise Pro is a top-ranked, free mp3 music download app and player.  Here’s where to find the most updated versions for iOS (iPhone), Android, as well as PC and Mac.

Updated for December, 2016.

What is Music Paradise Pro?

If you want to organize large collections of mp3s and access legal music, this is a great option.  Music Paradise Pro allows you to acquire and manage ‘copyleft,’ royalty-free audio downloads from places like Jamendo.  Many of these sites allow you to download free music, but you’ll need a great music player to organize and access it all.

Music Paradise Pro also sources music from lots of different audio search engines, with a focus on free, legal mp3s.  Additionally, you can easily port your entire mp3 download collection into Music Paradise Pro for easy, offline access.  The biggest upside is that it won’t kill your data or storage.  But, you can always download free music and access it anytime.

How it works with iTunes.

In terms of stripped-down music player functionality, Music Paradise Pro actually beats iTunes.  The reason is that iTunes lacks focus, while Music Paradise specializes in organizing, playing, and accessing your music on your phone.  Music Paradise Pro revolves around a small group of tasks, instead of managing different types of media and complicated e-commerce.  Plus, it’s about 100 times lighter!

But the two work together.  Music Paradise Pro easily integrates your existing iTunes collection, so you can have both.  Additionally, it’s easy to synch your collection across different devices, and share songs with friends.

The only problem is that Music Paradise Pro can be a little tricky to acquire.  It’s a smaller app and still being developed, so it’s harder to access.  So, here’s how to find the best version for your platform.

How to download the correct versions.

There are a lot of different versions of Music Paradise Pro out there.  So here’s where to find the most up-to-date versions for your computer or phone. We’ll keep this list updated as new releases come, so check back occasionally.

iOS (iPhone, iPad)

The latest version 11.3, download it here.

Downloading the app is simple for iPhone and iPad (iOS) users.  The App Store offers the core music player for free, with paid extras.  That includes EQ, management, and styling updates.


Latest version, download it from Amazon App Store for Android here

(Please note: this url just changed, so we updated it. Previously, users were sent to Amazon’s general app page. It’s still version

Please note that Music Paradise Pro is not available in the Google Play Store.  For unknown reasons, the Android music player was actually removed, perhaps over abuse.  That said, there’s an updated Android version available in the Amazon App Store that will work fine.

PC (Windows) and Mac (OSX)

Music Paradise Pro wasn’t designed for desktop computers (PC or Mac).  Its greatest strength easily comes on mobile.  But if you want a desktop companion, you can convert mobile apps into desktop apps using Bluestacks.

First, download the mobile version for your phone, then download the Bluestacks converter.  From there, Bluestacks will create a version that works for your desktop environment.


We hope this guide helped out!  Please let us know any feedback below.

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  1. robertschltz9

    I just up graded my phone from a Galaxy 5 to a 7 and now Music Paradise Pro is not an option and everything that passes for it or an MP# downloader is crap. Search for any and yo get nothing like what you were searching for. What happened to Music Paradise Pro?


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