Bollywood News: Supreme Court Rules National Anthem Must Be Played at Cinemas

Bollywood News: Supreme Court Rules National Anthem Must Be Played at Cinemas

Image by Diego David Garcia (CC by 2.0)

Patriotism is no longer a choice in Bollywood after the controversial Supreme Court ruling.

Are you tired after a long day’s work? Are you bored and in the mood to try something new? Why not call some friends and go to the theatre? But if you’re in India, you’ll now forcibly watch the Indian National Anthem. This move has Bollywood actors and musicians up in arms.

The Indian Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that all cinemas must play the national anthem before any viewing. The reason? “For the love of the motherland.” According to the Hindustand Times, cinemas must air the 52-second Jana Gana Mana without making any profit. Furthermore, he national flag must appear on the screen. In addition, all moviegoers must stand up. Cinema hall doors will remain closed during the 52-second anthem.

Bollywood TV personality Raghu Ram doesn’t agree with the decision. He said

“It’s been there in Mumbai for so long that we got used to it, so may be the rest of the country should also be in sync. Honestly, I find it a little ridiculous that why does patriotism have to be thrust in your throat, at the same time, I personally don’t get offended to stand up and be a part.”

There’s also fear that people will discriminate the disabled.

“It’s a good decision, but there should also be a law holding those responsible, who get aggressive when others can’t get up during the National Anthem. They pretend as if its nationalism, but it’s not that, it’s hooliganism.”

Director Ken Ghosh added,

Personally, I always get goosebumps when I hear a good rendition of the National Anthem. On the flip side, I hope it doesn’t lead to further beating up and insults to people who genuinely cannot stand up.

Theatre owners have only 10 days to implement the order in the entire country.

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