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The Team


  • Paul Resnikoff
  • is the publisher and founder of Digital Music News. He enjoys half-caf/half-decaf coffee, bad Spanish, obscure French Horn recordings, coach class middle seat, and the word ‘indefatigable’. More information and contact details for Paul here.



  • Noah Itman
  • Writes some product reviews but spends more time overseeing all partner alliances, sponsorships and advertising for DMN.  For all inquiries regarding Sales, Marketing, Advertising and Strategic Partnerships, please reach out to, or 310.928.1498 Ext. 3


  • Rochell Abonalla
  • is our administrative assistant, ie, the one on the team who does the actual work. That includes everything from all sorts of daily support to managing advertising campaigns.


  • Ari Herstand
  • has been a completely DIY, full-time musician for over 5 years and has performed over 550 shows around the world. He has had songs featured on multiple TV shows and has shared the stage with Ben Folds, Cake, Matt Nathanson, Joshua Radin, Eric Hutchinson and Ron Pope.  More information on Ari here.


  • Stevie Andrews
  • he can be a pretty okay guy I guess.  If you want to connect with Steve or send him hate mail, his contact information can be found here.