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Paul Resnikoff

Publisher & Founder


Paul Resnikoff is the founder and publisher of Digital Music News (, a premier industry source for news, information, and analysis.  Digital Music News has quickly grown from its humble roots as a small, executive news service to the most widely read information source in the field.  Prior to starting Digital Music News, Paul Resnikoff headed the digital music initiative at internet portal Lycos (until its fantastic implosion).  He started out at Epic Records (Sony Music Entertainment) in New York, specifically within international and eventually worldwide marketing.

Resnikoff’s interest in digital music comes from his passion for playing and listening to music.  He grew up playing French horn under the tutelage of Howard University professor Bill Penn.  Paul’s father, a consumer protection and antitrust attorney, is a huge aficionado of the lower brass.  Growing up just outside of Washington, DC, that meant lots of live performances by the National Symphony Orchestra, military bands, and jazz ensembles, before access was granted to places like the 9:30 Club and Black Cat.  Paul also plays bass guitar and dabbles in music composition.In terms of listening, Resnikoff prefers Progressive House, Classical, 90s Death Metal, New York Rap, Dancehall Reggae and a sprinkling of Reggaeton, Champeta, and Moombahton.  Rachmaninoff, araabMUZIK, Grave, 80s Motley Crüe and Com Truise are just a few getting put into heavy rotation these days, alongside staples like Mozart, Nas, and Obituary.

Aside from music, Paul also enjoys traveling (most recently Colombia, South Korea, Argentina, Norway, Iceland, and Belize) and is an avid tennis player and urban cyclist. He’s failed miserably at living a car-free lifestyle (in Los Angeles), and remains a long-suffering Washington Redskins fan.

Paul Resnikoff earned his degree in Economics and Music from Stanford University.


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