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Label Manager

NY-based independent Mom+Pop seeks a high level experienced Executive to be the first Label Manager.

This newly created position looks for someone who will be a key player in the running of the day-to-day operations of the label. Mom+Pop is growing their infrastructure to keep pace with the growing roster and evolving business. The Label Manager role is very dimensional, touching on all aspects of breaking artists, quarterbacking releases and running the label.  Please read more below.

Radio – Coordinate our efforts at all formats at radio in terms of directing tour markets with agents, dealing with management and our radio departments to generate and help execute opportunities for artists and liaison with our promo department(s).

Sales – Deal with big picture initiatives and opportunities with our distributor, RED.  Build and further relationships with big box retail, iTunes, Amazon, and other key retailers.  Find and seek ways to sell and stream more music across all platforms.

Branding – Use the existing roster as an entree to find appropriate opportunities that can really make a difference and have the artists feel the value and reach of the label.

Marketing – Coordinate with the marketing department and Product managers strategize the planning of content and digital roll out/social media.

Finance – work with the GM to evaluate P&L and manage the overall spend on our releases.

A&R – Mom+Pop is A&R driven company; A&R people work hand-in-hand in all aspects of promotion and marketing in order to shepherd the artist’s vision. They currently are very involved with the marketing department and would work closely with the label manager.

There is a lot of reach in this position. The expectations and level of involvement are significant, as is the opportunity to put a big footprint on the growth of the company. For that reason, label experience would be valuable but ALL significant backgrounds in the chain of breaking artists (Artist Management, Agency, Lifestyle, Advertising and Branding, etc) will be strongly considered.

Position includes a Base Salary, full company Health Plan and Annual Participation Structure.


Please send a well thought out cover letter that speaks to your level of interest, along with resume to


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