Music Industry Research Intern

Company: Digital Music News

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Open: Winter Quarter (or when available).

Weekly Hours: 20+

Top-Level Description:

Digital Music News is embarking on a broad new level of music industry research, and aiming to map this industry like never before.  This is a great opportunity for talented, ambitious students aiming to enter the media, music, or music technology space.

This is a research intensive position, but also involves heavy contact with companies working in the music industry.  That includes a considerable number of tech-focused companies and startups.

In about 2-3 months, your research activities will give you a strong, working knowledge of the players in this space.  You’ll also be developing strong connections of your own, while gaining an understanding of the structure of this business.


Must be actively enrolled at an accredited university with an internship program.  DMN will need to have a connection to the university to facilitate the program.

In terms of skills, there are no specialized skills required to start.  We will be actively training you on a number of systems, and giving you a broader overview of the music industry in deep-dive sessions.


Our offices are in Santa Monica, CA.  We’d prefer in-office, though remote is also a possibility.


Please send your resume, details of your education and school, plus a quick note to DMN at [email protected]  Just put ‘internship’ in the subject.  We will be interviewing qualified candidates.

Thanks for your interest!