Reach Records.


The Director of A&R at Reach Records assigns the current artist roster with musical collaborators, oversees the musical direction of the label, and discovers new artists.

Department Description:

The A&R Department operates as the primary source of record making and vision with the artists. A&R locates and signs new talent and continue making records for currently signed artists.

High Level Job Description:

The Director of A&R is expected to bring in hits/songs with our artists on a consistent basis. Primary responsibilities include: collaborating with the artists to create singles/records, develop strong relationships through regular collaboration with producers and writers, and bring in valuable new talent.

The Director of A&R must be able to schedule and move artists around efficiently, and oversee projects in a creative, collaborative and productive environment. The search for talented producers and songwriters is a central focus of the Director of A&R’s daily responsibilities, but also must have the ability to handle multiple activities simultaneously.

Detailed Job Description/ Responsibilities:

Act as a talent scout for the A&R Staff.

Be primary support for all A&R

Provide co-A&R direction on assigned projects.

Be continually searching for hit songs and tracks for artists on the roster.

Create and deliver a weekly and monthly beat report with the highest quality of tracks from producers around the world.

Develop strong relationships quickly and consistently.

Communicate effectively with talent, producers, and songwriters.

Knowledge of current and future trends in music, music business, and pop culture.

The freedom and flexibility to travel on a weekly or monthly basis.

Maintain relationships with scouts (top music bloggers, college radio pd’s, store owners, tastemakers) throughout the US.

Possess a high degree of credibility and influence inside and outside the company.

Have the poise, confidence, and talent to make several albums simultaneously all at the highest level of quality

Ability to run studio sessions at the most efficient and effective level.

Working knowledge of basic studio functions (pro tools, etc.)

Have a unique and proven ability to identify new talent that can be a commercially viable asset for the company.

Required Competencies/Skills:

Must have have an extensive network within all levels of the music industry (i.e. managers, lawyers, publishers, booking agents, songwriters, producers, independent labels & publicists.)

Must have experience in the music business, a deep knowledge of pop music and music trends.

Special Requirements/Preferences:

Be very organized with use of email and file management.

Be a great communicator.

Have a working knowledge of Pro Tools (not essential).

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