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Music Bubble = GPS Fueled ‘Geospatial’ Music Discovery…

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Need another way to share music with people around you? This startup is working on a way to share music geospatially.

Music Bubble has developed a website with a map that users can “drop” tracks onto, creating a music bubble at their location. When a user physically enters or clicks on a music bubble the respective track gets queued to a playlist. This is supposed to help people “unattach from the online and get lost in a city“.

Music Bubble’s demo video shows a bubble created by a coffee shop, along with an offer for a free latte – a way for businesses to entice traffic. Venues can also add a “buy tickets” link to a bubble. Music Bubble says:

“Venues and local businesses can leverage these hyperlocal bubbles to truly reach their target audience.”

Music Bubble is currently competing in the Global Startup Battle.

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Comments (2)
  1. Shane NRG

    Looks interesting. I would definitely use this app.

  2. Anonymous

    These guys decided to skip a name, instead opting for the brutally honest approach.


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