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Concertgoers Revolt! Live Nation Settles In Parking Scam Lawsuit…


Under the terms of the settlement, Live Nation would have to give free tickets and discount coupons to hundreds of thousands of affected customers.

The company was sued in 2009 over a $6 parking fee that was tacked onto ‘no-fee’ tickets at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey.  The two men that sued said the parking fee was illegal because not all people drive and that a ‘no-fee’ promotion was a lie.

Around 363,000 people who went to concerts at PNC Bank Arts Center over the past eight years would be entitled to three free lawn tickets and $5 discount coupons.  Live Nation would get to pick and choose which shows this would apply to and wouldn’t have to admit any guilt.

The settlement has not yet reached final approval by a federal judge.

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Comments (3)
  1. Danwriter

    “Live Nation would get to pick and choose which shows this would apply to and wouldn’t have to admit any guilt.”

    Just another cost of doing business and they get to tailor the terms to suit their needs. Tickets will only be good for Foghat reunion shows. You take the music business deeper into Wall Street waters, the sharks just get bigger.

    1. Paul Resnikoff

      Great insight. Remember, all of those involved in the settlement now have to actually claim those crappy tickets. Live Nation is good as this game: settlements rarely reach mass awareness, because no one really cares (and there are too many distractions anyway). Live Nation ends up gaining more as a result; this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this exact type of scam.

      1. Danwriter

        Wait’ll SFXE tanks. The entire music business is turning into a huge pump-and-dump scheme.


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