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Online Music Community Rushmore Merges With Broadcasting Platform Zuzeen…

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Online music community Rushmore has merged with another startup, Zuzeen.

Read our review of Rushmore here.

Zuzeen is a live broadcasting platform for artists. The two companies have already worked together on a digital campaign for Lang Lang in partnership with Telefonica. 40,000 of Lang Lang’s fans had access to live, behind-the-scenes broadcasts on his Rushmore page as he toured through Spain.

Rushmore says:

“The merger… will dramatically enhance Rushmore’s offering by giving music artists the ability to take ownership of their Rushmore profile and broadcast live to their fans via their browser or our mobile app.”

Rushmore has also received new funding from Kibo Ventures and betaworks, the company behind Digg, Bloglovin, and Instapaper.

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