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Comments (8)
  1. Me

    All this list says is that if you’re a top selling artist on iTunes, you’re one of the most downloaded artists on bittorrents. Would be nice to see some statistics comparing legitimate downloads vs. illegitimate downloads.

  2. Angry Complainer

    Did you use Google?

  3. Fox News

    Exclusive investigative journalism.

  4. Anonymous

    1 BILLION monthly views……my goodness gracious that’s a lot of views. How can that be possible?

  5. Anonymous

    “the largest BitTorrent tracker in the world with an estimated 1 billion monthly views”

    And we all know where their visitors come from.

    Imagine, what would happen if Google stopped its pirate support like it recently stopped its pedophile supprt. It would change everything.

    1. Frank Schnyder

      Google isn’t the problem. People have always found ways to get free music and there are other ways to spread word on the Internet about it.

  6. Anonymous

    Oh dear, the Pirate Bay.

  7. Chris

    And once and for all this proves that 99.99999999% of thieving little shits are total liars.

    “Oh I just download Indie stuff that’s not available elsewhere” they all cry out – total and utter nonsense judging by the list above.


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