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If You Hate Making Playlists, You’ll Love Spotify’s New Redesign…


Spotify has launched a redesign of their iPhone, desktop, and web apps. The new version features a sleek black design and updated typography, which is a huge improvement.

If you’re like me, you’ve been wishing you could save music to a proper music library on Spotify. Until now you could only access your favorite music through playlists. Well, the redesign has a “Your Music” tab — this is where you can access the music library you’ll be saving.

Here’s a video overview of the new features:

Spotify says this update is available now. So far I’ve only been able to access it on the web. I updated the desktop app manually, but no luck.

The web version is also not showing me the new “Your Music” feature yet. It IS letting me save music… I just can’t access it. I’ll update on this feature as it becomes available.

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 10.26.53 AM

I’ve also asked Spotify about a future iPad redesign. A new app rolled out today, but it only included improved startup time and bug fixes.

It would also be nice to see an update for Windows Phone. That version of the app is looking and feeling pretty archaic… it doesn’t even have radio for Premium subscribers.

Updates as they become available.

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Comments (29)
  1. TonsoTunez

    All of my saved songs in the “song,” “album” and “artist” files disappeared with the upgrade. This is the second or third time I’ve built the same collection in some new technology. I tired of screwing with this crap.

  2. TuneHunter

    They should call Guardian an make a nice video conference!
    It is very important to make total pleasure for FREE even nicer – congratulations Spoofy team!

  3. Hawksburn

    I don’t get it. I can no longer ‘Star’ Songs however I still have a Starred folder that I can’t delete and which I don’t see the point of having if everything ‘plussed’ now goes into the Your Music folder. So, I moved all my Starred tracks into the new Songs folder, however the Albums folder is still empty, which I would’ve thought would show all the albums from the songs now in the Songs folder?

    Another thing. Is the new ‘Your Music’ section supposed to appear on the phone app for both IOS and Android? Because I’ve updated both and only the latter is showing it.

    To be honest I actually like making playlists with different themes and criteria. I doubt that will change with this update.

    1. Mike

      I’m having the same issue. I tried adding my formerly “starred” songs to the new “songs” section which looked like it worked- all songs are there and appear to be “checked”, but nothing populated in the Artist/Album sections.

      Were you able to resolve this?

    2. sumiregusa

      I found that doing a hard reinstall of the app for iOS helped with locating the “Your Music” tab. Now everything is under that tab, including playlists and starred songs.

    3. Stacey

      I was having problems adding to my ‘star’ list but after a quick Google search found out that I simply select the song, add to playlist and choose ‘star’. My complaint about this upgrade is it often crashes when I select fast forward or rewind. It does it on the firs actions then it slows down to eventually crash, so annoying.

  4. Muffin Man

    When I click “Following” to see artists that I’m following, nothing happens. Not working since the update. Once again, Spotify has failed me.

  5. bwanaben

    This new update is terrible. Even when listening offline (as a Premium member) it takes around 7 seconds to change a track and then it basically crashes if you want to skip 2 songs. If they don’t fix this soon, I am canceling my subscription

    1. Stacey


  6. Unhappy

    Hate the new update.. Reading the comments, I can relate. Can’t star songs anymore.. What is the purpose of the +? Nothing happens when I click it.. I might just cancel my subscription!

    1. Conceptual

      The “+” puts songs into the “Your Music” section. I actually like this new set up as it separates it from your playlists but can effectively function the same way.

      That said, the “Starred” playlist is still undeletable making it so that you have duplicate lists.

      Basically, just think of + as the new star, and whenever you click it, it tosses it into “Your Music”.

  7. CAine7

    This update Sux more than Bangkok bargirl…I now have pluses beside tracks and cant see what tracks I like in particular albums..Nice fonts and gui but the practical side is rubbish..Looks like time to move from this…

  8. Tman10

    Update is so bad lots of freezing and and slower.Older version was much better! Thinking about cancelling..

  9. Beliala

    This update is so frustrating. I hate that I can’t star songs anymore, because not all of my songs will transfer to the “Songs” list for some reason!! Several songs I’ve added from Spotify just absolutely will not let me “check” them, and won’t let me drag them over. None of my local files show up there, either. So completely annoying that the only way I can add songs to the “Starred” list now is to drag them or manually select “add to…” If the “Songs” list actually worked the way it’s supposed to, I would be able to use that instead of the “Starred” playlist, but it’s totally useless to me. HATE this update. Alllllmost enough to make me consider switching to something else. I’m on the fence at this point.

  10. alycia

    WTH?!!! THIS UPDATE SUCKS!!!!!! I just want to be able to star and unstar. Period. HOW DO YOU DO THIS??!!! PLEASE HELP OR I AM CANCELLING MEMBERSHIP!!!!

  11. Paul

    Same gripes as everyone on this thread about the update. What’s more, my starred playlist lists 149 tracks and there are only 60. Someone literally pulled this software version out of their ass. Bye Spotify.

  12. Chris

    I had full albums saved as playlists. Is there a way to get all songs from playlists added to ‘your music>songs’? If not that’s a kick in the nuts. pretty shit update.

  13. James Lifely

    I’ve got around 4000 songs in playlists on my iPhone… I want to add them all to “my music” but I don’t want to go through every single one a press “+”! And I can’t see a way to add whole playlists… Anyone know how to get round this problem?
    I’ve done it on my computer, I dragged them all into “songs” but then none of them came up in “artists” or in “albums” or onto my phone… This is annoying me a lot.

  14. disappointed

    They could at least make it so you can save all the songs in a playlist.

    Now it just feels like an even clunkier version of itunes

  15. Hugo Perez

    I just hope they make the “save” feature actually save the songs for offline use, now I have to STAR and also save songs, its horrible.

    1. Will

      I agree- does anyone know how to resolve this? Do you have to add a song to a playlist then resync every time you want a new song for offline use?

  16. Tom

    What happened to the music library? Still have all my separate playlists but I want a playlist that has EVERY song in it, without having to add it to that playlist. It’s just a standard library – thought that would be a basic, necessary feature?

    1. Leo

      I couldn’t second this enough. This is by far the most basic feature that should exist. One should be able to add a song to one’s music and then just reference the song(s) in that collection of music from the various playlists.

      As it is now, one have to add and remove the same song(s) multiple times to maintain playlists and an “all my music” list. It totally sucks, and I’ve spent about two hours verifying that this is the case. I cannot find one single sign of a way to see all the music one has added to playlists.

      This needs redesign so badly. Look at how iTunes does it. One music library, and then playlists simply references the songs in the library. Spotify should do that too, and then build the additional easy navigation of Artist -> Albums and Albums -> Songs that people have asked for.

      1. Tom

        I have found a way! It’s simple enough but the fact that you actually have to sort it yourself is ridiculous… just click file then new playlist folder. drag all your playlists into the folder then every song within each playlist will be in the music folders library.
        simple, but annoying

  17. Sara

    I can’t save any more albums? I’m trying to “re-build” my collection due to the update and now it won’t let me save any more albums. I’m not even halfway done. I have a Premium account. Anyone aware of limitations?

    1. Ana

      por favor apoyar a los artistas de música electrónica menos conocidos, como Qapriqorn y similares, ya que ha traído mucha alegría a mí ya mis amigos vive desde que lo descubrimos. Estos artistas hacen tipos interesantes y diferentes de música. Tenemos que ayudarles a que ellos también llamar la atención. Hacemos esto como un agradecimiento por lo que su música nos dio.

  18. Brianna

    How do u send all ur albums to a playlist it’s so annoying doing it one by one not to mention time consuming in itunes u can select all and it’s done but i hate itunes But spotify is much better but i just want to be able to add entire list of albums to a playlist and not do it by right clicking add to then add to a playlist this absoluteley sux BIG TIME how do i do this instantly by selecting all the albums i currently have

  19. Fred Blorfington

    What rubbish! I logged in to the new app and was aghast at the massive photos of celebrity pop stars like Rhianna, Justin Bieber, Drake, Taylor Swift and so forth. Had never seen anything like this previously. Nothing in my history nor playlists included this type of trash and yet these were the suggestions offered by the supposedly brilliant new algorithm. The forums are full of others with the same objection, and the response from Spotify was a vague assertion that eventually those suggestions would go away. Of course they never did despite playing my favorite post-bop, classic rock and 90s R&B songs. Still got the same crap suggestions. So whether someone listens to nothing but classical or nothing but heavy metal, the suggestions would be current celebrity pop? This reeks of paid promotion by the big record labels. Sad too because I was trying to demonstrate to someone how great Spotify was. Fail.


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