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AT&T is Selling Muve Music…

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Earlier this year it seemed like Beats Music was possibly going to absorb Muve Music and its 2 million paying subscribers. Muve is one of the most successful music services in the U.S. because it is offered in a Cricket bundling plan.

AT&T bought Leap Wireless (Cricket) last year, getting Muve with it. AT&T and Beats are currently in a partnership together.

Beats didn’t end up absorbing Muve, and now it looks like AT&T doesn’t even want the service. The New York Times reports that AT&T is accepting bids for Muve and will remove it from Cricket.

A Cricket spokeswoman told the NYT:

“After a careful review, we’ve decided to explore alternative music options to Muve. For now, nothing changes for our Muve customers. They’ll continue to enjoy their Muve experience at this time, as we evaluate alternative music options.”

It seems like the perfect opportunity for AT&T to expand Beats’ reach.

Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and more. She also runs West Coast Fix. Follow her on Twitter: @nine_u

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Comments (9)
  1. Willis

    ATT never wanted Muve in the first place. It was a package deal with Leap and they always intended on selling it. I’m curious to see how much they want.

  2. TuneHunter

    Let’s call Amazon!

    Without headphones they might steal it for just $2 billion.

    …and they need it to join music extortion club of “The Big Boys”

  3. Helen

    APPLE + BEATS: Apple should cut all ties and run! Help stop it and sign.

    The market has clearly communicated that it doesn’t like the idea of a Beats deal with Apple. However, most naysayers and the media have struggled to properly articulate the reasoning for the bearish sentiment.

    This is how it should be communicated:

    – Beats should be viewed as a fashion company, as they offer very little value-add from a technology perspective. Beats main market are teenagers who currently view the earphones as a “cool” fashion statement. This is the root of the concern, as we all know that fashion statements quickly become “uncool” due to overexposure, boredom, or something more “cool” coming onto the market. It would be fair to say that the best days of the Beats “coolness” are behind it, and the sunset looms as they may soon become “un-cool”. Paying $3.2 billion for a company that will probably fade away into “un-coolness” soon is probably not a wise acquisition. One cannot buy long term “coolness”, as it must be created or earned.
    – Apple could relatively easily create a superior headphone product at a fraction of the cost of the Beats acquisition, and Apple products are still very much “cool” and in fashion
    – Apple could improve its streaming service for a fraction of the cost of this deal, and Apple subscriptions and profitability would remain leaps and bounds ahead of the Beats service.

    On balance, very poor judgement at the top of Apple if this deal actually goes through.

  4. Muve Customer

    If AT&T sells Muve Music I will leave the company and go to Boost. I enjoy my unlimited music with my price plan. Muve always has the hottest music the day it drops and an amazing platform. You all are POS for implying this is a good idea to upset 2 million cutsomers.

    1. muve customer 2

      I agree and I will switch companies too

  5. Angela

    If Muve Music is no longer offer with my plan I will go to another carrier, Muve Music is the one of the reasons I’ve stayed with cricket.

  6. pist-OFF

    I will DEFINATELY switch if muve is discontinued

    1. Kenny

      If they drop muve they will be losing my business after 5 years of doing business with them GUARANTEED!!

  7. muve customer+2

    I will switch. It’s bullshit


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