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Dr. Dre’s Multi-Million Dollar Mansion Is for Sale…


Dr. Dre, “the first billionaire in hip hop”, is selling his mansion for $35 million. The home is located in the Hollywood Hills and supposedly has the best view in the city.

handIn 1991, Apple Executive Andre Young Brutally Attacked a Defenseless Woman In an LA Nightclub…


The home is 9,696 square feet with 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. It has an infinity edge pool, guest house, and wine cellar.


Dr. Dre is upgrading, as he recently purchased Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s French chateau style-estate. He spent $40 million on the property, which is located in Brentwood.

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  1. Well

    We’ll woopsi doo for him.

    Seriously, who gives a monkeys apart from the estate agent.

    Peace and love xxx

    1. GGG

      I think if you gave one monkey one typewriter, they could write that post better than you just did.

      1. Willis

        I’d like to see that, actually.

    2. Ti

      YOU care,obviously.


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