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PUC Review: Wirelessly Connect MIDI Devices to iOS and Mac…

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Music tech company Zivix recently sent me a PUC to test out. The PUC is marketed as a device that wirelessly connects MIDI devices to iOS devices, but it also connects MIDI devices to Macs.

The PUC is powered either by a mini USB cable or two AA batteries (batteries included). It comes with a MIDI port and a cable so you can plug your MIDI device directly into the PUC. When powered up, the PUC creates a WiFi signal. Connect your device to that WiFi signal and you’re practically set.

I tested the PUC with an iPad 3 and a Macbook running OS X 10.6 and it worked flawlessly. For a full list of tech requirements, click here.

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First, I used the PUC to turn my Casio keyboard into a MIDI controller for my iPad. I installed the PUC Connect app on my iPad and then connected to the PUC’s WiFi signal. The app walked me through the entire process and updated the device’s firmware.

I tested the setup with Arturia’s iMini iPad app. It was exciting to finally have an easy way to control music apps on my iPad via keyboard.

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Next, I used the setup to control software instruments in Ableton 9. This required a simple setup in OS X’s Audio MIDI Setup utility. This PDF contains easy-to-follow instructions.

A PUC will set you back $129.99, which I think is extremely reasonable. The product does exactly what it says it will do and is easy to use. I tried it with a keyboard, but it will also work with DJ mixers, drum machines, drum pads, or any other instrument that has a MIDI port.

One of the only downsides is having to disconnect from the PUC’s WiFi signal if you need to look something up online. This wasn’t a big deal though, most people aren’t surfing the web when working on music.


Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and more. Follow her on Twitter: @nine_u


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  1. mardus

    Well it’s STILL NOT doing what it says on the tin. e.g. NO MIDI OUT from iOS/iPad/iPhone.
    Just midi in and it sucks. I has been a year!


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