Avis, Caribou Coffee Offer iTunes, iPod Giveaways

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Apple has been a preferred promotional partner for major brands for years and continues to be so to this day. The tech giant has recently teamed up with rental car giant Avis to offer a new promotion for customers. After renting any model of car, Avis customers will now be given five free iTunes Music Store downloads. Longer-term renters will also be awarded additional tracks. Scott Deaver, the executive vice president of marketing for Avis parent company, Cendant Car Rental Group, noted that “rewarding customers with free music is only the beginning.”

According to Deaver, the rest of the story involves more extensive in-dash music systems on rental vehicles. The company has plans to allow customers to easily play their own digital music collections through Avis car audio systems, probably using an easy iPod connection. A more involved iPod integration could also be under consideration, including steering wheel controls and sophisticated displays. Already, the company offers free XM Satellite Radio channels on premium rentals, and newer formats like HD radio could also be on the way.

Minneapolis-based Caribou Coffee Co. has also joined the action by launching a new promotion called “Wake Up and Smell the Music”. The campaign consists of an instant-win game with 30,000 prizes, including free iPods and iTunes downloads. The top prize winner will grab 1,000 free iTunes tracks, or a $1,000 Caribou gift card. The coffee company will support the effort with a national campaign across the US, which includes radio, print and online ads, as well as street promotions and email blasts. The coffee-seller will put 5 million stickers on its cups during the promotion, all of which contain codes that can be redeemed online for prizes.

The partnership between Apple, Avis, and Caribou Coffee Co. highlights the importance of offering incentives to customers in order to boost sales and brand loyalty. Offering free music downloads and the chance to win prizes can be an effective way to attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back for more. In addition, the integration of iPods and other digital music players into rental car audio systems can offer a more personalized experience for customers, making them more likely to choose Avis over other rental car companies.

This trend of offering incentives and personalized experiences is not limited to the rental car and coffee industries. Many other companies are also finding creative ways to attract and retain customers. From loyalty programs to personalized recommendations based on customer preferences, businesses are constantly looking for new ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

In conclusion, the partnership between Apple, Avis, and Caribou Coffee Co. is just one example of how companies are using incentives to attract and retain customers. By offering free music downloads and the chance to win prizes, these companies are able to create a more personalized experience for their customers, making them more likely to choose their brands over competitors. As the business landscape continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see what other creative strategies companies come up with to stay ahead of the curve.

Story by news analyst Jonny Evans.