iTunes Store Crosses Two Billion Song Downloads

The iTunes Store has now sold more than 2 million songs, 50 million television episodes and 1.3 million feature-length films.

The company bundled the news within its larger Macworld Conference and Expo presentation, a massive media throng.  Jobs delivered the news, calling iTunes “by far the world’s most popular music store,” and “the largest online video store.”  The two billion mark comes after about three and one-half years, though the pace is accelerating.  According to the company, one billion downloads were purchased during the last year alone.

Actually, the pace appears faster than that.  In last February of 2006, Apple crossed the all-important billionaire threshold, a major milestone.  That suggests strong growth, and solidly challenges a bearish iTunes report from Forrester Research.  The finding, published in December, asserted that iTunes downloads had dropped 65 percent during the first half of this year.  The report was roundly criticized, both by Apple and other research groups, though the latest data seems to quiet the matter for good.  Whether the latest tally spells the survival of paid downloads as a format is less certain, though Apple is clearly driving numbers upward.