Live Nation Concocts MySpace of Concert Websites

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Live Nation, the world’s leading live entertainment company, is constantly exploring new ways to improve the concert-going experience for fans. Their latest move is a web 2.0 approach that will allow competing venues to not only list their events but also build their pages within the site. The result will be a comprehensive website that lists a large number of concerts from both Live Nation and competing venues and creates a one-stop destination for tasks like seat selection and ticketing.

The idea of inviting competing venues to list their events on Live Nation’s website may sound counterintuitive at first. Still, according to Live Nation executive Scott Fedewa, it will help the company aggregate a critical audience of concert-focused fans. By providing a platform that includes events from both Live Nation and competing outlets, the company is offering fans a more comprehensive view of the live concert space, creating a one-stop-shop for all their ticketing needs.

Currently, Live Nation lists events from its larger venues and House of Blues clubs, as well as some competing outlets. However, the company’s listings will soon broaden, drawing more fans to the site. Venues will have the option of ticketing through Live Nation’s partner Ticketmaster, although they can also use other options.

The move shows Live Nation’s commitment to innovation and their ability to adapt to changing market conditions. As the live concert space evolves, Live Nation has set its sights on creating a seamless experience for fans, bridging the gap between competing venues and providing an all-inclusive platform for ticketing and information.

While the website’s new concept might be seen as competition for smaller venues, it is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Venues can benefit from the increased exposure that Live Nation’s website can provide, while Live Nation can aggregate a larger audience of concert-goers interested in a variety of events. As a result, Live Nation can create more value for its customers and improve the quality of the overall concert-going experience.

According to Fedewa, the move will also help Live Nation build a more significant digital footprint, which will enable them to compete more effectively in the crowded online ticketing space. Live Nation’s website will allow them to reach a broader audience, making it easier for fans to find and purchase tickets for their favorite events.

The new website concept is part of a larger trend in the live entertainment industry, which has seen an increasing focus on creating a more immersive and engaging experience for fans. Live Nation’s move is part of a broader effort to leverage technology to enhance the concert-going experience, providing fans with more information and more ways to engage with performers and venues.

Overall, Live Nation’s new website concept is a significant step forward for the live entertainment industry. By creating a single platform that includes events from a variety of venues, Live Nation is making it easier for fans to find and purchase tickets. The company’s innovative approach will undoubtedly benefit both Live Nation and competing venues, providing a more comprehensive view of the live concert space and improving the overall quality of the concert-going experience.