Snocap Spins Live Performances, Positions Show Downloads

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Snocap is now raising its profile a bit by spinning a live performance series.

The company, which powers standalone artist stores on MySpace and other environments, is aiming to bolster visibility for its technology.  The Live@Snocap concept started on Tuesday with performances from Melissa Ferrick, Erin McKeown, and Coles Whalen, all of whom performed at the Snocap headquarters in San Francisco.  Those artists are now selling exclusive live tracks on their profiles via Snocap MyStore widgets.  “We’ve created the Live@Snocap series to give you access to exclusive, live performances with some of our favorite artists,” the company stated in a MySpace blog.

For Snocap, the deal follows a landmark partnership announcement with MySpace, first announced last fall.  The tie-up generated heavy attention, though months later, onlookers are wondering whether MySpacers are actually buying.  Snocap chief executive Rusty Rueff has been guarded with numbers, and it remains unclear if MySpace lends itself to healthy commerce plays.  Artists gain a direct-to-fan channel, though iTunes commands an enviable comfort zone and represents a well-trusted environment.  Regardless, the concept is still in its early stages, and Rueff pointed to a consumer conditioning process during a recent discussion at OnHollywood in Los Angeles.