The Orchard Pushes Production Licensing Further, Taps MusicIP

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The Orchard continued its plans this week to license third party productions by tapping technologies from MusicIP.

The Orchard, a top digital distributor for leading labels, recently began offering music licensing and synchronization services, a growing sector.  That means more options for musical producers, though sifting through immense catalogs creates significant time requirements.  Alleviating the demand is MusicSearch, a technology from MusicIP that simplifies search and discovery processes.  The Orchard is calling its new search functionality “Trackdown,” an appropriate moniker.  “Our new Trackdown service, powered by industry-leader MusicIP, ensures our music supervisor clients have a powerful, easy to use tool to find what they need in our peerless catalog,” saidOrchard president and chief executive Greg Scholl.

Trackdown allows clients to search for gems using artist names, song titles, and other identifiers.  That allows producers to better manage a catalog of more than one million songs, a collection that will continue to grow over time.  Initially, the service will be geared towards film, television and advertising producers, though other business consumers will be targeted as the service expands.  The Orchard also indicated that it is working with MusicIP to create a portal-based internet interface, one that that will allow easy track transfers to portable media players and other handhelds.   “We’re proud to be partnering with The Orchard to unleash the value of their digital catalog,” said Dr. Matthew Dunn, chief executive of MusicIP.  Meanwhile, others are racing to grab marketshare in the licensing arena, including upstarts like Razorfish and Pump Audio.  The competition is certain to increase over the coming years, and that spells more options and cheaper costs for creative producers.