Live Nation Delivers Concert Video Footage, Mines Archives

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Concert giant Live Nation is now offering a broad collection of performance footage online, part of a larger internet-based strategy.

The launch, called Live Nation TV, features shows from a large number of venues, including the more intimate House of Blues.  Hundreds of performance clips and artist interviews are part of the offering, a repository that will grow over time.  “The Live Nation Studios division has already recorded hundreds of shows in our venues and with the acquisition of House of Blues last year, we gained access to thousands of additional hours of live concert footage and interviews, all of which we hope to bring to live music fans with the help of the artist,” said Bryan Perez, president of Live Nation’s Global Digital Division.  The action will be housed on, a destination that already offers concert listings, ticketing opportunities, and premium upgrade plays.

That video edition furthers that concept, and promises to attract a larger crowd of music fans and concertgoers.  For Live Nation, that could translate into far broader attendance at events, and more money for both venues and artists.  “Live Nation TV is the next step in building a direct artist-to-fan relationship through, providing another opportunity to connect artists with their fans around the magic of the live concert experience,” explained Perez.  Meanwhile, the video concept is part of a broader industry push to distribute the concert experience across multiple environments, including the internet, mobile screen, and television.  That is the underpinning behind concepts like Control Room, as well as a recent digitization play announced by the Knitting Factory.  Live Nation first announced  its initiative this morning.