Universal Music Executives Counter DRM-Free Reports

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A Universal Music Group executive strongly countered claims that the label is entertaining DRM-free possibilities with Apple during recent discussions with Digital Music News.

The executive, senior vice president Peter Lofrumento, noted that earlier claims from sources were “inaccurate” and “completely untrue,” and strongly denied that any possibilities were being entertained with the iPod+iTunes juggernaut.  The retort comes alongside a series of digitally-focused meetings in New York this week, and coincides with more information gleaned Monday.  According to another source within the organization, who asked to remain unnamed, a number of high-level executives remain heavily opposed to working with Apple going forward.  “They want to knock Jobs off of his pedestal,” the executive candidly noted.  According to the source, the sentiments are being stirred by the increasingly-powerful iTunes, which is gravitating towards becoming “another MTV” for the digital era.  Meanwhile, earlier sources to Digital Music News remained committed to their DRM-free assertions, part of a conflicting mix of intelligence from within the organization.  Whether those sources are pushing a protection-free agenda remains unclear, though the mixed messages may reflect a deeper level of disagreement within the label group.