Do-It-Yourself Ringtone Provider Trumpets Millionth Customer

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Do-it-yourself ringtone enabler MyxerTones has now attracted one million customers, according to an announcement issued Monday.

MyxerTones, owned by mVisible Technologies, offers a platform for independent artists to create and distribute ringtones and other mobile-related assets directly to fans.  Artists can sell their mobile assets from their webpages or MySpace profiles, and skip carrier relationships entirely.  Delivery methods include web-based and SMS channels.  “MyxerTones serves small independent content owners, independent musicians and small businesses that have been completely shut out of delivering mobile content because of the technical and institutional obstacles previously in the way,” explained Myk Willis, founder and CTO of MyxerTones.  “Without our platform, that content might never have been available for mobile download.”

Additionally, MyxerTones is enjoying sales volumes of two million downloads and wallpapers every month.  “A substantial portion of MyxerTones registered users are active members of the MyxerTones community, frequently returning to the site to download multiple pieces of mobile content,” the company reported in its release.  The tallies follow an initial launch in November of last year, a quick start that reflects a growing sector for direct-to-consumer tones.  Others in the ring include Cingular Wireless, now rebranded as AT&T, which positions a do-it-yourself ringtone service on MySpace.  As part of its Mobile Music Studio offering, the carrier recently positioned a Battles of the Bands contest that includes prize giveaways and promotional perks.