Research Reaffirms Dominant Universal Music Market Share

Universal Music Group continues to carry a dominant global market share, according to reaffirming research issued this week.

The report, published by UK-based Informa Telecoms & Media, noted that UMG is leading the pack in both physical and digital formats.  Specifically, the group carried a 26.5 percent share of digital recorded sales in 2006, larger than its combined share of 25.7 percent.  In terms of digital-only assets, Sony BMG fell in second with 22.5 percent, Warner Music Group grabbed third with 16.0 percent, and EMI trailed with a 10.5 percent ranking.

In the broader recorded category, the ranking was similar, though percentages shifted somewhat.  Specifically Sony BMG pulled a 21.2 percent share, Warner Music Group grabbed 13.8 percent, and EMI earned 12.8 percent.  Perhaps the most interesting component of the report involved the independent sector, which rallied an impressive 24.5 percent of digital receipts, and 26.5 percent of broader recorded revenues, both second-place finishes.  Meanwhile, Informa noted that rankings based solely on recorded assets may become less important in the future, especially as labels increasingly invest in related streams like touring, synchronization licensing, and merchandising.