Japanese Recorded Industry Experiences Difficult First Half

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Physical recorded asset sales declined markedly during the first half in Japan, part of a global downturn.

According to figures released by the Recording Industry Association of Japan, or RIAJ, physical formats dropped 9 percent during the six-month period to 129.6 million units.  In terms of value, sales totaled 156.6 billion yen ($1.29 billion, 936.4 million euros), a dip of 6 percent.  Meanwhile, music DVD sales slipped one percent to 25.0 million units, and 3 percent in terms of value.

In terms of domestic and international repertoire, domestic catalog fared the best.  Domestic artists powered a 75 percent share, though unit sales within the category dropped 7 percent.  International artists claimed the remaining fourth, though overseas discs dropped a pronounced 16 percent.  The RIAJ has not yet disclosed digital asset sales, a key element of the mix.