Machete, Notch Push Virtual CD Pre-Release Campaign

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Digital distribution means quicker and less expensive media delivery, and that has transformed the promotional game considerably.

In an earlier era, promotional CDs and jiffies cluttered in-boxes everywhere, though such eco-unfriendliness is now increasingly uncommon.  In its place, labels are pushing content to radio promoters, journalists, tastemakers, and fans via numerous digital channels, including secure delivery channels like those from Vancouver-based Play MPE.  Other concepts include the reliable iTunes exclusive, and mobile-based previews.

Additional examples are easy to find, and market entrants are proliferating.  Just recently, urban and reggaeton-focused Machete Music tapped Santa Monica, CA-based Blue Maze Entertainment to deliver an interactive, virtual pre-release CD, one that allows flipbook-style maneuverability.  Machete, a division of Universal Music Group, has used the partnership to craft three different virtual CDs for the artist Notch, signed to Cinco Por Cinco Records.  Each version is geared towards a slightly different audience, though all are designed to perk awareness of the full album, Raised By The People.  Blue Maze has previously concocted virtual CDs for a number of different brands, most recently Remy Martin.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.