Average Computer Harbors Huge MP3 Collection, Report

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The typical hard drive contains more MP3s than any other file type, according to information recently released by comScore.

The company determined that the average computer houses 880 MP3s, a predictably strong multiple over other files like word documents and excel files.  The music files demand average storage levels of roughly 3GB, according to the group, though hard drive capacities are rapidly increasing.  The number of computers carrying 70GB or more of storage capacity inched up 6 points to 39 percent this year alone, part of a “steady and noticeable” gain.

Perhaps more interestingly, the group also tied those with heavier affinities to certain files with surfing behavior.  Unsurprisingly, those with larger-than-average MP3 collections generally frequented social networking, gambling, general entertainment, gaming, and music retail destinations, as well as areas related to instant messaging.  Those with greater-than-average collections of Excel spreadsheets and Word documents were more likely to visit business and functional sites.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.