Pandora Spins Customized Facebook Radio Widget

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Music recommendation provider Pandora is now pushing a Facebook widget, a move that closely follows the exit of a popular streaming radio application from the site.

The movable Pandora player can be lodged into any Facebook profile page, and visitors can enjoy the customized channels.  Users must have an active Pandora account to position the tailored stations.  Once installed, interested listeners are sent to the Pandora destination to enjoy the streams.

Currently, the application add-on remains stealth, and less than 2,000 users have jumped on board.  But social networking destinations are great at spreading good things, and that could lift awareness for Pandora considerably. Whether users ultimately subscribe to Pandora as a result remains unclear, though the widget is playing within a healthy, music-related sweet spot.  Just last week, Facebook was forced to eliminate a streaming, third-party radio application based on infringement concerns.