Like 1999, But Better: AOL Refreshing Shoutcast

AOL Music is now refreshing its pioneering broadcaster network Shoutcast, according to details confirmed with Digital Music News.

The user-generated radio station network was first created in 1999, and currently carries a listener population off 500,000.  The core proposition was an early stab at user-generated multimedia, reason enough for the revitalization.  The updated version will include enhanced search functionality, new user feedback options, a Facebook application, and widgetized portability.

The Shoutcast station list will soon be accessible on software players like iTunes and Windows Media Player, as well hardware devices like Sony Mylo, Sony PSP and Chumby.  For AOL, all of that is part of a broader shift towards third-party, user-generated applications and experiences.  According to AOL, the move is part of “an ongoing process in rolling out a new and more robust set of broadcaster tools and APIs” for outside developers and programmers.