Anti-Piracy Firm MediaDefender Suffers Major Security Breach

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Anti-piracy specialist MediaDefender suffered a massive security breach over the weekend, one involving thousands internal emails.

MediaDefender, owned byArtistDirect, offers services like P2P-based spoofing to deter illegal sharing and downloading, and its clients include majors labels and studios.   The massive number of emails, now available on BitTorrent, include confidential threads related to asset protection on specific titles.  It also exposes personal information like social security numbers, emails, and phone numbers.

The messy leak, one of the largest of its kind, was created by a group called MediaDefender-Defenders.  The event raises serious security questions, and also unearths a number of sensitive initiatives.  Among them are details related to MiiVi, a video destination that may include designs to entrap illegal uploaders.  The honeypot strategy was long suspected by forums like TorrentFreak, and internal notes suggest an attempt by the company to limit leaks on the matter.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.