Post-Snocap, CD Baby Chief Sivers Discusses Deal Gone Bad

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CD Baby founder Derek Sivers expressed more regret on Friday following a failed partnership with Snocap.

The deal, which soured quickly and ended earlier this month, allowed artists to generate and control Snocap MyStores from their CD Baby accounts.  The resulting widget could then be ported into different environments, most importantly MySpace.

Sounds great on paper, though Sivers wishes the partnership never happened at all.  “Unfortunately, everything went about as wrong as could be,” Sivers blogged.  “For the last eight months, the CD Baby office has felt like a Snocap office. All we were doing, all day long, was dealing with Snocap issues.”

Perhaps more importantly, Sivers pointed to a paltry earning of $1,080 during the eight-month partnership.  In contrast, Sivers reported sales of $110,000 from downloads over a three-week period.  Just recently, Snocap announced a major layoff, and indicated that it is actively seeking a buyer.

Sivers Blog, “What happened with CD Baby and Snocap”