Class Action Lawsuit Targets Clear Channel Ticket Prices

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A federal judge has now granted class action status to a number of complaints against Clear Channel Communications.

The mega-broadcaster has been accused of using its dominant airplay positions to force promoter relationships with artists, and unfairly increase ticket prices.  United States District Court judge Stephen Wilson offered the green light, and effectively packaged five separate lawsuits from various regions.

The class action is being spearheaded by Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro (HBSS), a Seattle-based firm.  In comments Wednesday, HBSS attorney Beth Fagan accused Clear Channel of “leveraging its size and industry clout to exploit consumers and artists,” and “keeping ticket prices and concert promotion rates unreasonably high.”  At present, consumers from five regions – Chicago, New England, New York/New Jersey, Colorado, and Southern California – have been certified for the class action complaint.