AOL Plans Lyrics Offering, Taps Gracenote

AOL is now planning a lyrics offering, according to information shared Thursday by company executives.

The content enhancement will involve Gracenote, a leading provider of music metadata and information.  The lyrical content will be threaded throughout a number of different sections, including AOL Music.

In a discussion with Digital Music News, Mike Rich, senior vice president of AOL Entertainment and Black Voices, pointed to a differentiator for  oversaturated consumers.  “The major initiative for us is to capture people’s attention,” Rich explained.

In terms of architecture, the executive noted that the lyrical content will be positioned within a broader “content and editorial filter,” a hand-crafted approach.  On timetable, AOL executives could not disclose an exact launch date, though a release is likely within several weeks.

Separately, representatives at Gracenote noted that a launch will not be happening at Digital Hollywood next week, as originally thought.  Gracenote is also expected to unveil other lyrics relationships in the near future, according to one source close to the company.