What Else: Sirius, Stern, Location, Last.fm, KCRW, The Met

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Sirius XM Radio recently delivered its fourth-straight quarterly profit, and is narrowing towards 20 million subscribers.

But renegotiation discussions with Howard Stern remain in limbo, a situation that is creating concern on Wall Street.

After two months on the job, Ping has just 2,000 artists.

Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places… it’s all booming.  Except that just 4 percent of Americans actually use these services – and 1 percent on any given day – according to the latest from Pew Research Center.

It’s a nice gesture: Last.fm is now Kinect-ready, in all of its motion- and voice-sensing glory.

KCRW recently released its radio app for Android.

The Metropolitan Opera is now celebrating its 80th season of Saturday Afternoon Radio Broadcasts, the longest classical music broadcast series in history.