Macrovision Announces AMG Acquisition, $82 Million Deal

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Macrovision has now acquired All Media Guide Holdings, Inc., or AMG, for $82 million.

The digital media copy-protection provider announced its purchase on Monday as part of a larger earnings announcement.  AMG is a well-known provider of metadata for various forms of digital media, notably music, movies, and games.  It also offers recognition, discovery and media management services, and its technology is tapped by Microsoft, AOL, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others.

AMG has long been the subject of takeover chatter, and the company is regarded as an industry leader.  The company has compiled an immense dataset that includes reviews, biographies, ratings, images, titles, credits, essays, and descriptive categories.  For Macrovision, the purchase enhances digital distribution and sales services, a priority for the company.  “In an era when consumers have many choices, cell phone manufacturers, electronics device makers and service providers want to make video and all other entertainment content quick and easy to find,” said Fred Amoroso, chief executive of Macrovision Corporation.  The deal is expected to close by the end of this year.