iLike Consolidates Promotional Chaos, Offers Single-Point Updating

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Artists have more places than ever to promote their music, but that creates an almost unmanageable maintenance issue.

Instead of writing songs, developing artists are now being dragged into endless and repetitive promotional updates.  A number of companies and entrepreneurs are addressing that concern, including quickly growing networking play iLike.  Just recently, the company unveiled its Universal Artist Dashboard, a tool designed to let artists universally update a large number of profile pages.

The iLike application is already well-entrenched in Facebook, and that has been a serious traffic driver for the company.  In fact, any music-related Facebook discussion is woefully incomplete without the iLike application, which powers a massive number of artist profiles on the destination.  But iLike is also a member of the newly-formed, Google-backed OpenSocial, a universal platform designed to populate content across numerous social networking destinations – including MySpace.  OpenSocial was just announced, though the iLike Dashboard will eventually tap the broad network of destinations.

Alongside the Dashboard release, iLike also constructed 160,000 profile pages for artists that had not already done so, an oddly proactive move.

Report by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.