MSN, Control Room Ready Jay-Z Performance Broadcast

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Jay-Z may have shunned iTunes on this latest release, American Gangster, but the rapper is embracing other platforms.

Apple refuses to offer album-only downloads, a stance that caused Jay-Z to pull his content from the iTunes Store.  But live performance streams are less permanent and more promotional in nature, and that allowed MSN and Control Room to broker an upcoming broadcast.

On Tuesday, the duo will stream a Jay-Z show from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, the first date on a short, six-city tour.  Diddy, Li’l Wayne, and Rock Boyz are also on the bill.  “Control Room’s mission is to bring artists of this caliber and exclusive live performances, like this one, to a worldwide audience,” explained Aaron Grosky, president of Control Room.  The performance is part of a larger, multi-year partnership between Control Room and MSN, a pact that first surfaced late last year.  American Gangster was the best-selling album last week, though digital sales were predictably small.

The broadcast starts at 2 o’clock pm EST at