MySpace Toes Ad-Supported Music Waters, Action Upcoming

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MySpace is now edging into ad-supported content, and broadening its significant music footprint in the process.

The upcoming play will involve punk band Pennywise, according to plans uncovered by AdWeek on Monday.  The play involves off-deck mobile music provider Textango, which is planning to offer the upcoming Pennywise album from its profile page.  The gratis download will be offered to anyone that becomes a Textango friend, starting in March.

Textango allows artists and labels to sell off-deck mobile downloads via text messaging.  Pennywise may be the first of several artists to jump into the action, especially if the plan proves lucrative.  “This happens in a time when the record industry has such a black eye,” MySpace vice president of Marketing Josh Brooks told AdWeek.  “It’s a nice opportunity and a way to get your music out there.”