Mimics AllofMP3, Spins Discounted Movie Downloads

The music industry never completely shuttered AllofMP3, the Russian cut-rate music download store.

Instead of going away, owner Media Services battled numerous challenges while spawning clones like MP3Sparks (  That has been just one aspect of a global infringement migraine for the recording industry, which frequently finds itself battling enemies in foreign lands.  For years, labels were repeatedly unable to wipe away AllofMP3, despite massive legal, financial, and even high-level diplomatic attacks.

Now, the film industry is facing a similar threat.  Just this week, cut-rate movie download destination started gaining global attention.  The Russian site offers full-length movies – in either DixX, iPod-compatible, or DVD-quality downloads – for prices starting at $1.99.  Of course, movies are still easily available for free through mechanisms like BitTorrent, though users are constantly managing issues related to formating, quality, and viruses.  That opens an opportunity for destinations like ZML, especially for those operating from legally gray regions.