Pirate Bay Boinks BOiNK, Plans Music Expansion

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The Pirate Bay is now shelving its plans to launch BOiNK, though the mega-tracker is still expanding its music profile.

BOiNK was initially envisioned as a replacement to the recently-shuttered OiNK, a music-focused BitTorrent tracker that specialized in rare and pre-release albums.  But the Bay opted to bow out following the rapid launch of a number of OiNK replacements, including waffles.fm.  That destination was initially believed to be a Pirate Bay creation, though statements by the company indicate otherwise.

The shift in plans was first tipped by Peter Sunde, aka Brokep, a top figure at the Bay.  “There are so many people opening up new music trackers right now so there’s no need for us to go and do that as well,” Brokep indicated.  The proliferation of OiNK replacements was not unexpected, and part of a “Hydra” phenomenon, a term inspired by the multi-headed mythological serpent that defied decapitation.

But  despite the sidestep, the Pirate Bay is still planning a music-focused expansion.  “On a special URL on the Pirate Bay there will be a new music section,” promised Sunde.  The comments follow a promotional splash by the Pirate Bay for Swedish band Lamont, an immense publicity gain for both parties.