Caillat Reveals Universal Stream-Limiting Policy

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Universal Music Group artist Colbie Caillat has now spilled the beans on  a label policy limiting promotional stream lengths.

The limitation disallows full song previews on third-party destinations like MySpace unless other arrangements have been made.  “Due to circumstances beyond my control I have to swap the songs out on my page for 90 second versions instead of full length versions,” Caillat wrote to her fans.  “Every artist signed to a Universal label has to comply immediately.”

Another artist also discussed the measures.  “My group was a victim of this new policy yesterday when the label took down four of our tracks and replaced them with short little bits,” an anonymous artist wrote in an email published by Bob Lefsetz.  “I think they were less
than 90 seconds, but that’s beside the point.”  Universal has long been at loggerheads with MySpace, and launched a massive lawsuit against the social networking giant last year.