Amazon UK Blesses SellaBand, Strikes Ecommerce Deal

Amazon Music Unlimited Launches in the UK, Germany, and Austria
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Mega-etailer Amazon UK has now finalized a deal with SellaBand, a startup that allows fans to finance their favorite acts.

Instead of tapping labels, personal bank accounts, credit cards or parents for early-stage cash, bands can use Sellaband to solicit donations from their most ardent backers.  Each “believer” can purchase $10 (£5) shares, and once an act reaches the $50,000 (£25,000) threshold, Sellaband offers expert A&R and production expertise to produce a professional album.

Starting in January, Amazon will being positioning promising Sellaband artists within a dedicated area.  Revenues from resulting album sales will be split between Amazon, Sellaband, the artist, and the artist backers.  That action will be happening at, according to information shared by that companies on Wednesday.  “ is enthusiastic about new music and helping our customers find it, which is why a partnership with SellaBand makes perfect sense for us,” said Jeff Belle, head of entertainment at

As part of the exclusive retail partnership, Amazon will contribute funds and marketing assistance to promising, up-and-coming acts.