Apple Buries Its Secrets, Negotiates Enemy Away

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Apple is now kissing goodbye to a longtime enemy and constant spoiler.

Think Secret, a rumor blog that routinely spilled the beans on Apple’s upcoming product plans and strategies, is now going dark.  The online tip source has been battling Apple lawyers for years, and even scored a court victory that allowed it to protect the identity of its informants.  But Think Secret founder Nick Ciarelli (alias Nick dePlume) has now opted to give up the fight and settle.

The terms of the Apple settlement were left undisclosed, but Ciarelli noted that confidential sources will remain unnamed.  “As part of the confidential settlement, no sources were revealed and Think Secret will no longer be published,” the company stated on Thursday.  Ciarelli expressed a desire to move on, though bloggers were disappointed with the result.  The reason is that Apple undoubtedly exerted its considerable legal and monetary muscle to forge the settlement against Ciarelli, a much smaller opponent.