Holiday Hangover Continues, CD Sales Drop Another 10

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A disastrous holiday sales meltdown is now bleeding into the new year, and dragging major label recovery prospects in the process.

Album sales tanked roughly 21 percent between Thanksgiving and Christmas in the United States, and the global picture wasn’t much better.

During the most recent reporting week, US-based album sales dropped another 10 percent year-over-year, and 20 percent below first-week results according to Nielsen Soundscan.  Alicia Keys topped the charts with sales of 70,267, a modest tally that outperformed a Radiohead total of 68,784.  Overall unit sales reached roughly 7.25 million during the week.

The latest rockiness follows an annual drop of 15 percent in the United States, and a 10 percent dip in the United Kingdom.  That is prompting some serious changes, most recently a massive restructuring at EMI.