89.9 Goes 2.0: KCRW Unleashes Flexible Streaming Application

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Southern California has always loved its KCRW, though the internet introduced the station to a global audience years ago.

Live broadcasts, music programming, and news streams are now being enjoyed by a widening group of listeners, one that stretches far beyond the hometown tower of Santa Monica, CA.

Now, the listener-supported station is taking its digital game to another level by releasing an interactive, flexible media application.  Conventional streaming aspects are included in the beta release, though 2.0 elements enable greater sharing and decentralized distribution.

The new application allows users to share links to broadcasts and embed streams into blogs and social networking profile pages.  It also allows listeners to create customized programming collections, and access blogs, playlists, and podcasts.  “There isn’t another media player that offers listeners all these features in one place,” said Anil Dewan, KCRW’s director of New Media.

The application also includes access to the considerable KCRW archive, a collection that spans roughly ten years.  That includes early performances from a number of important artists, as well as a range of cultural and news-related programming.