Operation ISP: Legislative Proposals Emerge in UK

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If file-sharing is ruining the business, then why not take control at the ISP level?

The question itself sounds ludicrous to many users, access providers, and legislators – but not to major labels.  In fact, it has become a top agenda item for the recording industry, which is gaining traction on the issue.

According to information surfacing Tuesday, British legislators are now proposing measures that would force ISPs to monitor their traffic, and restrict access for repeat offenders.  An early-stage consultation paper outlines a three-strikes policy, though details are still being developed.

ISPs have been negotiating possibilities with the entertainment industry for years, though nothing concrete has resulted.  “We simply want ISPs to advise customers if their account is being used to distribute music illegally, and then, if the advice is ignored, enforce their own terms and conditions about abuse of the account,” said Geoff Taylor, chief executive of trade group BPI.  Just recently, French ISPs, legislators, and content owners joined forces on the Olivennes Agreement, a pact that restricts internet access to infringing users.