TuneCore Starts Getting Physical, Moves Beyond iTunes

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Digital distribution is easier than ever, thanks to entrants like TuneCore.

The Brooklyn-based company allows artists to direct-inject their content into the iTunes Store, without any special relationships or contracts.  The platform also offers distribution into rival outlets like eMusic and Amazon MP3.

Now, the TuneCore footprint is expanding.  On Thursday, the company revealed plans to offer a physical sales solution starting April 1st.  The concept does not involve brick-n-mortar, though it does involve widget-based stores containing CDs, according to details shared with Digital Music News.

The portable store can be planted into any website, blog, or social networking profile.  Artists control pricing, album positioning, artwork, and other details, and TuneCore will ship orders.  Artists must pay a flat fee for the first year, according to the company.