Another P2P Grabs Serious Cash; Pando Pulls $8 Million

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File-sharing has been a headache for major content owners, though smaller artists frequently tap the platform to spark early-stage interest.

Major labels are also watching the action closely, and using monitoring firms like BigChampagne to better gauge file-swapping trends.  A collection of other companies, including those represented by the Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA), have been pushing the profitability possibilities for years.

VCs have also been interested in the potential returns, dating back to Hummer Winblad on the original Napster.  But recent funding rounds have been quite impressive, and potentially part of a larger trend.  That includes a recent $8.1 million injection into Pando Networks, a company specialized in private, P2P-based media transfers.

Pando solves a problem users frequently encounter when transferring heavyweight files like videos, songs, and photo galleries.  But Pando transfer technology is also used by NBC, and ROO Group.  The latest funding is part of a $20.89 million Series B, according to regulatory paperwork surfacing Wednesday.  Investors most likely included Intel Capital, BRM and Wheatley Partners.