Partner Details Emerge on PushButtonMusic Initiative

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More details emerged Wednesday on PushButtonMusic, a pre-loaded portable music concept scheduled for summer release.

The idea, developed by Broadcast Data Systems (BDS) founders Hal Oppenheimer and Robert Uhlmann, was first tipped by Digital Music News earlier this week.

Now, supporting partners are emerging. The team includes Javien, which will provide backend payment processing; and J. River, which is developing the PC-based media player and synchronization interface.  Also in the mix is MediaNet Digital, which is powering the subscription content and offering catalog licensing.

In recent discussions, Oppenheimer also pointed to a roster of advisers, though specific names are not revealed.  “This includes individuals with time spent at RealNetworks, MTV/Urge, Sony, RadioShack, major record labels, internet TV, MediaNet and large scale web-based projects,” Oppenheimer described.

Oppenheimer also clarified that MediaNet is handling all licensing details, though major labels are being consulted along the way.